European Power

European Power Markets

In line with the Central Western Europe (CWE) flow-based market coupling regime.

Introducing the most accurate hourly spot and short-term analysis for the next day, week and three weeks for sixteen European power markets.

European Power Markets

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Key Benefits

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Hourly spot and short-term analysis

Analysis for the next day, current week and next three weeks for Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom power markets.

Flow, power balance and price

The new model solves supply and demand, flows and price formation in all sixteen countries simultaneously in order to find a valid and stable solution.

Scalable and future-proof

In 2022 Flow Based Market Coupling (FBMC) is introduced to a range of new countries, and every country that's part of this system have or will be added to the spot and short-term analysis prior to Q2 2022. In early 2023 the Nordics will be introduced FBMC.

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Details and Specifications

Price forecasts, marginal costs and weather indices

StormGeo's Nena Analysis has developed in-house basic supply and demand models for spot price forecasting.

Short-term forecast

Hourly supply and demand models with market-clearing on an hourly basis. Demand is calculated as consumption plus net load export.

Day ahead forecast

Consistent with the flow-based market coupling regime, price forecast on an hourly resolution based on demand, supply and marginal cost estimates.

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European power analyst team

Senior analysts Bengt Longva and Sigurd P. Lie have been responsible for Nena’s CWE power analysis since 2001. They have constantly revised and expanded the analysis to stay on top of structural changes in the market and in trading. As the market has moved towards higher volatility and liquidity in the short term, Nena offers a strong short-term analysis for anyone exposed to short-term market movements. French power was introduced as a new product from the German desk in 2014.

StormGeo employee Sigurd Lie StormGeo employee Sigurd Lie

Sigurd Lie

Senior Analyst

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MBA from University of Denver Colorado. Former Financial Manager at Jernbaneverket (Norwegian National Railway Administration), and experience within international finance and accounting.
Employed since June 1998.

+47 22 31 41 05
StormGeo employee Bengt P. Longva StormGeo employee Bengt P. Longva

Bengt P. Longva

Senior Analyst

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Economist from University of Bergen. Former Portfolio Manager at Drammen Kraft AS. Earlier experience from research at SNF, a research body at the Norwegian Business School in Bergen.
Employed since January 1998.

+47 22 31 41 04

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